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Alice Drags Holden Down the Rabbit Hole by BlackCarrot1129 Alice Drags Holden Down the Rabbit Hole :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 1 0 Zeladanial and a Bonneter by BlackCarrot1129 Zeladanial and a Bonneter :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 2 Secret Santa 2017: Morphina, Tiki, and Joey by BlackCarrot1129 Secret Santa 2017: Morphina, Tiki, and Joey :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 5 Sketches of Bendy and the Butcher Gang by BlackCarrot1129 Sketches of Bendy and the Butcher Gang :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 6 0 Bendy vs The Butcher Gang by BlackCarrot1129 Bendy vs The Butcher Gang :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 28 2 Sonic Boom Design Concept: Eggman Nega by BlackCarrot1129 Sonic Boom Design Concept: Eggman Nega :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 0 Sonic Boom Design Concept: Blaze the Cat by BlackCarrot1129 Sonic Boom Design Concept: Blaze the Cat :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 6 0
Sonic Boom Episode: Mystery Girl
Forest on the Island.  Sonic the Hedgehog runs between trees.  Dr. Eggman follows behind on his Egg Mobile with Beebots and Motobugs.
Sonic: Not that I don't think defeating you is fun, Egghead, but don't you have anything better to do?
Dr. Eggman: Not until Board Game Night tonight.  I'm going to cheat my way to victory after I crush you.
Sonic jumps up and attacks the Beebots with Homing Attack.  He Spin Dashes off the Motobugs one after another.  A rocket-launcher Motobug fires a missile.  The missile follows after Sonic as he runs up a tree.  Sonic jumps into the air from the treetop.  Dr. Eggman fires a laser blast from his Egg Mobile.
Sonic: Whoa!
Sonic dodges the laser blast.  The laser blast hits the missile.  The explosion creates a strange hole in the air.
Sonic: What the heck is that?
Dr. Eggman: It appears that when my laser blast and missile hit each other, the explosion at this very exact moment in space-time created a wor
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 1 0
Mr. Carpainter of the Happy Happiest by BlackCarrot1129 Mr. Carpainter of the Happy Happiest :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 5 0 Queen Sectonia and her Wings by BlackCarrot1129 Queen Sectonia and her Wings :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 10 0 Mr. Cyclops and Mrs. Cyclops by BlackCarrot1129 Mr. Cyclops and Mrs. Cyclops :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 0 Kirby Hats: Smash 5 Hopefuls Part 1 by BlackCarrot1129 Kirby Hats: Smash 5 Hopefuls Part 1 :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 12 3 Waluigi because I can by BlackCarrot1129 Waluigi because I can :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 5 3 Rhay Tatsuki, Ready for Action by BlackCarrot1129 Rhay Tatsuki, Ready for Action :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 6 6 Rhay as an Angel of Darkness by BlackCarrot1129 Rhay as an Angel of Darkness :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 5 3 Zeladanial as an Angel of Darkness by BlackCarrot1129 Zeladanial as an Angel of Darkness :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 6 4
Enjoy my art. :fish:

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HtoH II- Faded
Part 7
Recently on Heroes to heroes...
haruk had our heroes' hands tied, menacing with killing the prisoners all at the same time...
As tiko returned with Marine's Unleasher, it flashed into a light figure that later revealed himself as Kishe...
He saved the prisoners and knocked out cold Haruk...

Kishe: Now that you mention is a little odd.
Nevani: Not only odd, its impossible!
Kishe: Well, It is possible. I am standing here.
Abigail: But, just what are this unleashers?
Kishe: Unleashers, Abigail, are the manifestation of ancient material tributes into the spiritual world. Their power come from faith and wishes, but its not possible to get one unless going there.
saymona: That only makes me want one even more
Nevani: I thought Unleashers could only open portals and give Abilities
Kishe: As I see it, it somehow switched places with me. And in the right moment it seems.
Tiko: Yeah, we finally won over the bandits and rescued the prisoners.
Marine: Whats next? the bandits
:iconathorment:athorment 1 12
athmnt vs dA 4 by athorment athmnt vs dA 4 :iconathorment:athorment 4 13 athmnt vs dA 3 by athorment athmnt vs dA 3 :iconathorment:athorment 4 2 athmnt vs dA 2 by athorment athmnt vs dA 2 :iconathorment:athorment 6 13 Eclipse p40 by tierafoxglove Eclipse p40 :icontierafoxglove:tierafoxglove 237 48 Sketch- Chef Toadstool by Zeldalina Sketch- Chef Toadstool :iconzeldalina:Zeldalina 18 44
PM - Chapter 4 pt 3
Chapter 4 – Super Luigi Bros. – pt 3
Mistakenly Mario
=Mini-Boss Battle Begin=
Luigi:30/30, 25 FP, MP 2/2
LuigiGuy:25/25 HP, 30 FP
Ripper: 40/40 HP
Luigi jumped into the air and landed on Ripper, dealing 3 damage. LuigiGuy created a ball of electricity, shooting it at Ripper and dealing 4 damage. Ripper leaped at Luigi, punching him and dealing a damage of 3.
Luigi:27/30, 25 FP, MP 2/2
LuigiGuy:25/25 HP, 30 FP
Ripper: 33/40 HP
Luigi crouched down and used Green Missile; shooting himself at Ripper, dealing 5 damage, and using 2 FP. LuigiGuy formed a ball of electricity, which dealt 4 damage to Ripper. Ripper leaped at Luigi, once again punching him and dealing 3 damage.
Luigi:24/30, 23 FP, MP 2/2
LuigiGuy:25/25 HP, 30 FP
Ripper: 24/40 HP
Luigi crouched down and used Green Missile again, dealing another 5 damage and using 2 FP. LuigiGuy formed a ball of electricity again and dealt 4 damage to Ripper. Ripper pulled out a whistle and blew into it, calling tw
:iconwonderpikachu12:wonderpikachu12 4 0
SBL: Sluggers SNes vs K Lights
Super Nes vs Kalypso Lights
The first batting was Super Nes with our heroes running the score...
Super Nes-4
When the Lights went up to bat, Kirby struck out three batters quick. While only letting one Kritter on base...
Super Nes-4
Kalypso Lights-0
The MVP award went to...Kirby! Afterwards...
Kludge: That wasn't suppose to happen...How could we lose to some kids?! We're suppose to be tougher!
Kludge was freaking out about the loss while Kalypso was rather impressed about Ness' victory.
Kalypso: You're something else kid. I should have know you beat me...
Kirby: Both Falco and Tiny have to stay with you guys!
Kalypso: Might as well save me a seat on your team.
Kludge: You don't really mean this, Kalypso?
Kalypso: It's while we're playing baseball, half-wit! See ya later...
(Kalypso joins)
(Kludge joins)
While the Kremlings left, on board with Ness and Kirby...
Tiny: Thanks, everybody! You saved our bacon!
Falco: Yeah...I had no worries about you guys!
Tiny: So you're looking for baseba
:iconsmashtekk:SmashTekk 3 0
Big City, Little Lavender by Lavenkitty Big City, Little Lavender :iconlavenkitty:Lavenkitty 277 299 Boomaria Wallpaper by TheBananaLamper Boomaria Wallpaper :iconthebananalamper:TheBananaLamper 2 0 Sonic: TGN by cmara Sonic: TGN :iconcmara:cmara 11 73 Kenalda + The Triforce by TheBananaLamper Kenalda + The Triforce :iconthebananalamper:TheBananaLamper 5 5 Arianna + the Mystic Rod by TheBananaLamper Arianna + the Mystic Rod :iconthebananalamper:TheBananaLamper 5 9 Raven Colored by grimphantom
Mature content
Raven Colored :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 2,026 159
Sparky is Born
Boy: But Mo-om!! Tyler has an Eevee! Why can't I have one?!
Mom: I'm sorry honey, but we can't afford to have another mouth to feed. I'm having a hard enough time feeding you. Plus, you have another sibling coming in.
Boy: You just don't want me to be happy!
Mom: You know that's not true, sweetie.
Boy: Fine, then I'm just going to run away!
The boy picks a Pokeball up off the table and ran out of the house.
Mom: (sigh) What am I going to do with that boy?
The boy ran down the dirt path towards Mt. Moon, clutching the Pokeball tightly. Suddenly, a loud cry was heard. The boy turned to see a man facing a Graveler. In front of the man was a Pichu, laying on the ground and crying. The man was in a lot of black and had a red 'R' on his shirt.
Man: You worthless Pokemon! Stand up and take down the Graveler!!
Pichu: Chaaa... (falls to the ground and faints)
Man: Ugh, you worthless little...
The man holds up a Pokeball to the sky and crushes it, leaving the knocked out Pichu where he wa
:iconwonderpikachu12:wonderpikachu12 7 9
Some of my favorite artwork and literature on dA. Check 'em out. Or not. Your choice.

We're Gonna Need More Friends

Tue Mar 13, 2018, 5:21 PM

Hey, all, BlackCarrot back again.  I'm just gonna talk about my favorite video game character and his new game coming out, Kirby Star Allies.  Most notably, I'm gonna talk about what the latest Nintendo Direct has revealed about the game.

Yes, I am aware that Smash Bros. for the Switch is coming out, but I'm gonna wait until more info is out before I talk about that.

:star: Dream Friends! :star:

Along with all the enemies Kirby can turn into allies in the new game coming out this Friday (3/16) (WHY IN THE SAM HILL IS IT NOT FRIDAY YET?!), you can also unlock playable characters like King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee.  How amazing is that?  The fact that you have to unlock them in order to play as them gives priority to play as Kirby's Allies first.  It'll be amazing to have these three mix and match elements to their weapons.

:bulletyellow: King Dedede = Hammer
:bulletblue: Meta Knight = Sword
:bulletred: Bandana Waddle Dee = Spear (exclusive to him it seems)

But wait!  That's not all!  FREE DLC OF EVEN MORE DREAM FRIENDS!

:bulletorange: Rick/Coo/Kine combo - All three of these guys playable as one.  WOW.  That is awesome-sauce right there.  A bit of the Wing and Water ability right here.  Fire, I think too?  Rick can be a Fire-Breathing Hamster afterall.
:bulletpurple: Marx - Wait, since when this guy a friend?  Oh, well, it'll be fun to play as him.  He looks to be a Bomb-ability user here.
:bulletblack: Gooey - Dang, they're bringing back all the nostalgia, aren't they?  We see him use his tongue a-la Whip ability and a Parasol all of his own, right?

The best part is, the First Free DLC with all of them is about a week after the game lets out.  ....Wait, the FIRST?!  That means they'll be more, right?  Well, I wanna give some thoughts on who might make the cut.  Let's start off with a fan favorite:

:bulletgreen: Adeline - This painter girl has been missing since Kirby 64, and we've been waiting for her epic return.  With the Artist Ability having a hat very similar to hers, this is the perfect opportunity to bring her back.  We can finally bring the Crystal Shard team together again.

:bulletgreen: Magalor - That little wizard guy from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.  How about he returns as a playable character?  He's been in bit parts since then, and if Marx is playable, why not him?  He'll most likely have the ESP Ability.

:bulletgreen: Taranza -  We fought this spider-wizard in Triple Deluxe and in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, now how about we play as him?  He'd be a perfect fit with the newly introduced Spider Ability.

:bulletgreen: Suzie - Honestly, she's one of my favorite Kirby characters and my second choice behind Adeline. Her ability would most likely be Spark.  Plus, she's freakin' adorable.

:bulletgreen: Galacta Knight - Am I nuts for waning the most powerful warrior in the galaxy as a playable character?  Yes.  Would it still be awesome?  Yes.  Give him moves that not even Sword Ability or Meta Knight have.

:bulletgreen: Landia - Not the whole four-headed dragon, just one of the heads will do nicely.  It is still a shame that there's no Dragon Ability for Kirby, but Landia would make a great addition none the less.

Now, my brother came up with this list and a few other ideas.  I only went in detail the ones I think are plausible, but you never know, right?  Here they are, and you can debate who will make the cut and who won't.

:bulletwhite: Daroach :bulletblack: Prince Fluff :bulletwhite: Ribbon :bulletblack: Elline :bulletwhite: Lololo + Lalala :bulletblack: Sectonia(???) :bulletwhite:

Take care, and Don't Forget to Be the G.O.A.T.

Peace. :fish:

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